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Why Cats Should Wear Collars

You have all heard that 8 out of 10 cats prefer a certain brand of cat food but what about this – ‘official’ news that 3 out of 4 cats like wearing collars! That’s according to a new American study into pet behaviour released this week.

The six month long research study has concluded that the benefits of wearing a collar vastly outstrip the possible downsides and that most cats actually like wearing collars (ED: it’s amazing what some people get paid to do isn’t it?!)

The study does serve, however as a good reminder of why you should consider fitting a cat collar to you favourite feline to help with identification and flea control and raise awareness of the importance of keeping an eye on your cat for the first few days after a new collar is fitted to make sure it is taking to the new accessory OK.

How to Fit a Cat Collar

Fitting a cat collar properly is easy providing you choose the correct one in the first place – and any good pet store or vet can help you with this. The key when putting it on your cat is to hold the animal securely as this will give you time to put it on without any mistakes or harm to either of you!

You should then tighten it only tight enough to allow you still to get two adult fingers in between the collar and the cat’s neck. Too tight and it can cause real issues if the cat ever gets stuck.

Any concern about the dangers of cat collars were very quickly dismissed however by the study as it found that fewer than 3.3 percent of cat collars got caught on the animal’s mouth or forelimb, or on another object.

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