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Tips On Caring For Hamsters

tips on caring for hamstersWhen choosing pets for your children, it can be tricky to decide which animal is most suitable.  For your younger children, however, hamsters are a great choice: they’re cute, and fairly safe.  However, they still take a bit of looking after, so these tips should help you:

Get the correct housing.  Hamsters are comfortable living in either a metal cage, or a decent size plastic tank, which will enable them to have plenty of space to move around in.  Remember to ensure that whatever housing space you choose, it has a removable lid or flap so that you can access the cage more easily for food replacement and cleaning.

As well as this, it is essential to keep the cage/tank in an area with the appropriate heat and light, to ensure that your hamster lives in comfort:  as long as the temperature is between 50 and 80 degrees farenheit, they’ll be fine.  Also avoid any room that has the potential for drafts or condensation, as sudden temperature changes can lead to the hamster moving into hibernation!

Let Them Exercise.  It is vital for the health of your animal that it’s given the opportunity to exercise.  Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for this, with silent exercise wheels available for fitting to the side of the tank or cage.  As well as this, you can purchase exercise balls for use when the kids are playing with the hamster outside: this will not only help the animal exercise, but keep the kids amused too!

Feeding your hamster.  Fortunately, this is fairly simple, especially when compared to some other pets. There are actually many different varieties of food that are suitable for hamsters, all of them easily purchasable from any main pet shop, and all of them ensuring that your pet will receive a balanced diet that keeps them healthy as well as providing all the nutrients they need.  It’s fine to feed them a small amount of carrot or fresh salad, but ensure that you never give them too much: this can upset their stomach.

As with any pet, take care of them and hamsters will bring you and your family lots of happiness and fun!


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