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The Importance of Catflaps

cat flapsDo you have a problem with curious cats? Those neighbourhood pussycats that think a catflap is a community portal, rather than exclusive access for your resident moggy? It’s a common problem in towns across the country, but thanks to some local innovation there is now a timely solution.

Failing to stop neighbourhood cats can have all kinds of ramifications for your home. Cats are territorial, and they’re always on the prowl for a new patch. Cats spread disease quite easily between themselves, and won’t hesitate in eating your moggy’s food.

Cats live in a world of powerful scents, and many believe it to be their most trusted sense. It’s believed a mature cat can sense catnip when diluted 1:1,000,000,000, and it’s this overriding sense of smell that leads them to follow their nose, and through your catflap.

Keep your cat safe

Like all animals, cats have no sense of human borders. Your catflap is just an access route to territory, much the same as a hole in a rock is, or a loose fence post. It’s not just the power to detect scents that make our cats such incredible explorers; it’s the power to leave their scented mark.

Cats have scent glands along the tail, on their temples, their lips, and chin and on the underside of their front paws. They brush these against features, and it’s their way of drawing a line in the sand. I live here now. Naturally, for domesticated cats we want to avoid this kind of bolshie attitude. We can’t eliminate it, it’s instinctual, but one inventor has come up with an ingenious idea.

Hightech Catflap

Dr Nick Hill has invented SureFlap, a device that uses radio frequency identification technology built around your catflap. We agree, it sounds a very futuristic solution to an age-old problem, but the device is proving to be a hit among cat owners across the globe.

The device works a lot like many electric garages. A microchip cat flap is programmed to recognise the ID chip already installed in your cat. When your cat approaches the SureFlap it automatically allows access, and the device is built to allow access for up to 32 different cats, while consistently locking out mischievous intruders.

We like SureFlap because it presents a simple solution, to a big problem. By allowing cats to roam freely between homes we discourage the sense of security our own cat feels at home. For more information, visit the SureFlap website or find them at the SureFlap Facebook page.

Do you have a problem with intruding cats? What’s your favoured solution? Do you think SureFlap fits your needs? What could they do to improve the system? We’d love to hear your thoughts, and fellow readers could really benefit from what you have to say, consider leaving a comment below.

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