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Recognising Bladder Problems In Cats

6 tips on introducing a new kittenIt’s not necessarily something that’s obvious, but every year bladder problems are one of the biggest illnesses for our feline friends, and unfortunately some of them can be fatal.  Because of this, Simply Pet Insurance has come up with some hints and tips to help you recognize the symptoms in order to ensure that any potential problems are dealt with as early as possible:

Your cat isn’t passing urine.  This is one of the most important symptoms when it comes to feline bladder problems, and should be reported to your cat’s vet at the earliest possible opportunity.

Agitation or obvious discomfort whilst urinating should be treated just as seriously as the above, as this is usually a sign of some form of mild blockage.

Moving back and forth to the litter tray without passing anything is a very strong sign of a bladder blockage, as this would imply your cat wishes to urinate but is unable to.

Passing urine in inappropriate places is another sign that your cat could be in some discomfort.  Obviously this is not the case for a kitten you are still training, but if your cat uses a litter tray normally then suddenly starts urinating in other places it may mean that they have no control over their bladder.

Finally, ensure that your cat is always kept hydrated, as this can make a big difference to your cat’s bladder health.  If your cat doesn’t seem to want to drink water that much, then try mixing some fish or chicken juices in with it.

All of the above tips should mean that your cat will remain healthy, and you’ll be able to leave your cat insurance alone!

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