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Pet Insurance Market Gap

pet insurance marketAs Britain becomes more green-fingered, it’s becoming apparent that the light-fingered brigade is getting away scot-free. Insurance companies may be meeting the needs of the core pet insurance market; dogs and cats. However, when it comes to chickens, there seems to be a gap in the fence, and we’re egg-stremely surprised that British pet insurance providers are falling fowl of the nations initiative.

With the recent economic downturn, there has been a worthy increase in the number of Briton’s turning to sustainable living methods. Over a million Briton’s now actively grow their own fruit and vegetables, and many are expanding their lots to include the affable chicken, and it appears to be a shrewd move.

Britain consumes a staggering 30 million eggs per day, and a dozen free-range eggs typically costs approximately £3.00 in a British supermarket.

Some home insurance policies do cover damage caused by the birds to third-party property, but if you’re a victim of theft, or your chickens become sick then you won’t be insured for any costs incurred and this has chicken owners across the country pecking around for a pet insurance policy, which seemingly doesn’t exist.

Are you a smallholder? What’s your experience of British insurance companies attitude towards insuring your livestock?

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