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Pet Insurance Buying Guide Part One

pet insurance buying guideBuying pet insurance can feel like you’re navigating a huge pile of someone else’s paperwork. Paperwork you assume neither desire, nor need to navigate. Your pet is part of the family, and since very few of us have our mothers insured against wrecking the neighbour’s fence, why would we want to insure our morally upstanding cats and dogs for the same?

In this buying guide for pet insurance, we will be looking at the parallel reasons and options available to pet owners, looking for quality pet insurance. Note, we are not steering you towards buying cheap pet insurance.

Should I buy cheap pet insurance?

“Cheap” is perhaps the first lesson we should learn. Cheap pet insurance is often cheap for a reason. Many of the valuable policy features are excluded to bring down the overall risk of providing the policy, and making the overall cost of the insurance policy seem more attractive.

That’s not to say the cheapest of half a dozen carefully selected pet insurance policies isn’t the best. We’re merely saying that time should be spent considering the needs of your pet insurance policy; then uncovering the companies who can meet those needs, and making a decision from there.

In a word: do not just pick the six cheapest pet insurance companies, and then pick the cheapest policy of them all. Pick at least six pet insurance companies who can meet your needs, and then select a company which can meet your budget.

That’s your first lesson, and you’re about to discover more about the often intriguing world of pet insurance.

Look for the Experts

Of course, many of the companies offering pet insurance policies to British pet owners are not only offering pet insurance. For many, it’s the latest addition to a portfolio which already offers car insurance, buy-to-let insurance, life insurance and more.

Despite the low opinion of many consumers, most of Britain’s major insurance companies are reputable companies which have made a name for themselves in delivering good value insurance in other markets, and they’re using this experience to deliver the same to the pet market.

Now, if you haven’t noticed, we do provide links to the best pet insurance companies. We are affiliated, but please be 100% assured that none of our partners have ever — or will ever — cloud our judgement when creating any kind of editorial content for Simply Pet Insurance. We do endorse these companies, and we also recognise there may be others out there who provide equally as good pet insurance.

The second lesson we’re going to give you, is to look at a range of companies credentials. Do they have a good reputation? There are dozens of forums online, as well as more organic channels such as Facebook which can give you an insight into the public reputation of a particular company.

Test run Pet Insurers

Before signing any agreements, try and uncover any potential sticking points that other customers of this company have encountered. Ask around, and you will soon get a more balanced opinion of the pet insurance company, than the one which they would perhaps like to portray.

In relation to this, test out their web site for a key factor: how easy is it to contact them? It’s easy to find and pay for pet insurance online — and often cheaper — but when it comes to the crunch, you’re likely to want to speak to someone pronto.

Many people overlook this in the rush to score a quick pet insurance policy, however you should take a moment to picture yourself in the worst case scenario. How quickly can you get to speak to a real person, and get the service you’re paying your hard-earned money for?

Once you’ve got that contact number, dial it. Test out the system, because this is one of the key services you’re paying for. Are you sent from pillar to post? Do the operators appear to understand your needs? How much is that phone call costing? These are all factors which can make or break the value of a policy, should you ever need to put it into action.

In part two of our buying guide to pet insurance we’ll be further unravelling the mysteries of buying pet insurance. In the mean time, you’re welcome to ask any questions. We’re experts in the niche, and we’re more than happy to share our thoughts and opinions…

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