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Pet Allergy Alert

pet allergyOne of the UK’s leading pet insurance companies is warning of the oncoming period of kitten sniffles and puppy rashes among other common pet ailments. With the summer set to be a scorcher, the UK is bracing itself for the annual allergy alert. As Simply Pet Insurance discovered, Britain’s pet owners need to start asking the right questions early.

M&S Premier Pet Insurance has sent out the warning, amid fears of record claims for veterinary services in the UK. The British-owned company pays out up to £7,000 a year in veterinary fees and has become a firm favourite among consumers.

Common Complaints

It’s little surprise that many pet owners don’t realise that our pets can contract many of the same skin complaints as us — and like us, these complaints can’t usually be cured. With summer heating up, it’s up to pet owners to consider their pet’s common complaints and get the lowdown on who to talk to.

Skin allergies tend to rise with the increase in pollen, while the annual spawning of fleas adds to the problem facing British pet owners, however experts tell us that most allergies are simple to treat if seen early.

UK Pet Insurance Recommendation

One such service recommended by M&S Premier Pet Insurance is Vetfone™, a 24-hour advice line catering to UK pet owners. Vetfone Operations Manager, Louise O’Dwyer, said: “Allergies in pets can be incredibly frustrating for the owner. The most common allergies we see are those affecting the skin, with the most common symptom being itching. However the respiratory tract can also be affected, leading to wheezing, sneezing or coughing.

“Just like in humans there are also dietary allergies where the digestive system is affected sometimes resulting in the animal having diarrhoea or vomiting.”

Expert Advice for Pet Allergies

Experts are predicting a heated summer, and advice from across the board is to keep an eye out for early signs of allergies in your pets. Handle them often, and use bathing times to examine the most common areas for infection.

While buying good pet insurance will help some way towards the cost of treatment, it’s naturally much fairer to be proactive and look for preventative measures. Keep an eye on Simply Pet Insurance for the latest on the seasonal ailments affecting your pets.

Has your pet suffered from an allergy? What treatment did you choose? Our readers really value good, honest feedback from fellow pet-owners, would you consider sharing your experience with us?

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