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Keeping Your Dogs Warm In The Cold Weather

keeping your dogs warm in the cold weatherWith the hot sun well and truly gone, and the mornings getting ever-darker, it’s not hard to tell that winter’s just around the corner.  This can be concerning for dog owners wishing to make sure that their furry friend stays warm during the colder months.  Because of this, Simply Pet Insurance have come up with some hints and tips to help you keep your canine friends as snug as possible:
-Certain dogs have a far lower tolerance for cold weather than others, particularly those with shorter coats.  For instance, greyhounds, Dobermans and boxers shouldn’t be allowed outside for long periods without some form of sweater or coat.

-The smaller the dog, the more vulnerable to the weather they are.  Smaller dogs such as Chihuahuas and minature Daschunds are especially susceptible, and should barely be allowed outside at all.  If they need to be exercised, ensure that they are wrapped up warm and aren’t let out for long periods.

-Ensure that your dog is fitted with boots in excessively cold weather.  If they’re consistently lifting up their paws, whining or frequently stopping on their walks, then you’ll know that their feet are uncomfortably cold, and they’ll need to begin wearing boots as early as possible.

-Ensure that you’re always making sure to trim the hair around your dog’s feet, as this is where iceballs can form on dogs with long hair.  They tend to appear between the pads and the toes of the feet, and are very painful to walk on: it’s the human equivalent of walking on rocks.

-A good way of keeping your dog’s feet healthy is to apply a small amount of Vaseline or cooking oil to the base of their paws to ensure that they avoid becoming stuck to the ground.  Ensure that whatever you use, though, is safe to consume, as most dogs will lick at their paws.

-If you have to walk your dog on any salted roads, make sure that you wash his paws afterwards, as salt can highly irritate a dog’s pads.  As well as this, make sure that you gently rub his pads as soon as you’re off the roads.

-Finally, cut back on what you’re feeding your dog during the winter months.  Because of the weather, dogs are naturally less active in this weather, so feeding them the same amount of calories that they consume during a full exercise programme.

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