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How To Prevent Your Animals Getting Worms

How To Prevent Your Animals Getting WormsThere’s no denying it, the prospect of worms is one of the most unpleasant that it is possible to imagine when discussing the health and safety of our pets.  Because of this, the experts at Simply Pet Insurance have come up with some tips on how to reduce the risk of your animal ever catching this nasty disease:

One of the best ways to avoid ringworm is to ensure that you regularly sanitise and disinfect your pet’s food and water bowls.  As well as this, ensure that you give the same treatment to any housing that your pet may have.

If you have pets that regularly move around outside, such as horses, ponies or rabbits, then ensure you take the time to correctly manage the pastures they roam in.  Do your best to always remove droppings where possible, and ensure that you rotate which areas your animals have access to so you can correctly condition the other bits of their ground.

Always ensure that you have a comprehensive worming programme in place for any pets, and that this is regularly utilized from the time that your pets are at a young age.  If you require advice about the correct way to ‘worm’ a pet, then consult your vet, and they will be able to help you.

Finally, always ensure that you clean up thoroughly after your pet, and that you dispose of any faeces and urine clinically and carefully.

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