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How To Introduce Children To A New Dog

pet insuranceBringing home a new four legged friend to your children is one of the greatest pleasure you can have as a parent.  However, there are certain things you have to remember to do in order that your children treat your new dog correctly, which will in turn lead to them having a great relationship.  That’s why we here at Simply Pet Insurance have come up with these tips to help you introduce your children to their new pet:

Make sure that your kids are gentle when first meeting their dog, approaching him or her slowly, and not being too over-zealous, as this could lead to your kids intimidating the pet.  If they’re slow and take the time to build up, they’ll soon be getting along ok.

Ensure that your kids aren’t too rough.  Yes, one of the greatest things about having a dog is the potential for play-fighting, but that takes time.  Try and make sure that it is your pet who begins being playful: this shows that they’re comfortable doing so.  Once they are, then you can let your kids have fun!

It’s important that when playing, your kids don’t do so in a teasing way: make sure that they play productive games: teaching your dog new tricks and playing games that improve their fitness such as ball playing are great, and will keep both your kids and the dog in shape!

If your dog gets injured for one reason or another, make sure that your kids are once again very respectful and gentle with him, as injured dogs are more likely to be a bit more aggressive: just like humans!

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