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How To Care For Your New Dog

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When you first decide to bring a dog into your life, the responsibility of caring for this animal can be an intimidating thing.  However, having a pet can be fulfilling and fun, so we’ve come up with some hints and tips that should help you get the basics right when caring for your new friend:

Diet.  This is one of the main priorities when caring for a dog: always make sure that you’re feeding it a balanced, controlled diet.  This will make a big difference to the dog’s general health, and of course it’s lifespan!  Most dogfoods available in supermarkets are made to offer a nutritionally balanced meal, so it will be easy enough to enforce the healthy lifestyle.

Cleanliness.  Bathing your dog regularly is a very important part of caring for them: the general rule is that once a month will normally be sufficient to enable your dog to keep safely clean.  It is very important that you don’t overdo the bathing, however, as this can lead to very dry skin and potential infections.  As long as you stick to the general rule, you should be fine.

Physical inspections.  Not as intimidating as it sounds, this is simply a matter of taking the time once a month to make sure that your dog hasn’t picked up any injuries.  Check the pads of his paws, to ensure that he hasn’t gained any scratches or cuts.  Also check your dog’s mouth to ensure that there aren’t any ulcers or other signs of illness.  If there are, then check with a vet immediately as it could be a sign of something more serious.

Exercise.  Making sure that your dog gets enough exercise is absolutely essential to ensuring their health.  The good news is that there’s a huge variety of exercises you can do with them!  Whether it’s playing with a football, running, play-fighting or simply a nice walk, dogs love to run around and have fun!

Spend time with them!  You’ve got a dog because you want a loving pet, and a faithful companion.  So why be like many others and keep them in the out-house?  Dogs love company, so take every opportunity to spend time with them, and they’ll always be happy.

Following the above tips will help you care for your new companion, and keep them healthy.  Good luck with your new dog, and remember: enjoy the hell out of your new pet!

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