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Free Dog Holiday?

dog holidayIt’s a dog’s life, right? Lounge around in between long walks in the great outdoors. Regular medical check ups, plenty of cuddles and the love of a good family. Life couldn’t possibly get any better. Until now. One UK charity is offering the nation’s dog’s free holidays. “Woof woof… Woof, take us, woof!”

It’s not often that a deal as sweet as this comes along, but there is method behind the madness. In 2009, Britain began to promote the so-called ‘staycations’, or the practise of holidaying at home. Animal experts were quick to realise the benefits for Britain’s animals, and not least our dogs.

Take your Dog on Holiday

The PDSA charity is best known for providing free veterinary care for the pets of people who need it, so it was no surprise when they announced they’d teamed up with national holiday rental company, cottages4you which offers Britain’s pet owners holiday accommodation in over 5,000 properties across the country.

Senior Veterinary Surgeon for PDSA, Sean Wensley, explains: “We want to encourage dog owners to holiday at home with their pets rather than take them to other countries. Owners are often unaware of the potential disease risks to their pets if they go abroad and many don’t realise that they need to prepare several months in advance to meet the requirements for a pet passport.

“Travelling and unfamiliar climates can also be very stressful for a pet. They will probably have a much better time if they join you for a break in this country.”

Why holiday in Britain?

Simply Pet Insurance believe the partnership is extremely positive. In this economic climate the cost of travelling overseas has seen a steady increase, especially with the coninual downfall of our currency. Britain has worked hard on its image in recent months, and we firmly believe it’s time British pet owners start to celebrate the greatness beyond their own front door.

For more information on PDSA and cottages4you visit By booking your holiday through the website, you acknowledge the great work being done by the charity with an inclusive 10% donation.

Are you taking your favourite pooch on holiday this year? Where will you be going? Overseas, or closer to home? Have the PDSA hit the right notes with this deal? Sharing your thoughts enables our readers to understand the mindset of British pet owners, please consider adding your point of view to the conversation.

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