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Feline AIDS Facts

One of the most common claims against a cat insurance policy relates to the diseases Feline Leukaemia (also known as Feline AIDS), while experts this month have brought the issue to the fore, one group of cat insurance companies are rallying to remind us that they’re on hand to cover your cat’s health care.

Although feline leukaemia is fairly easy to avoid, it’s almost always fatal to for cats infected with the disease, which can be easily transmitted via an exchange of bodily fluids such as saliva.

Common Causes of Feline Leukaemia

One of the most high-risk environments for cats to contract the disease is in a cattery or cat home, where the chance of infection is naturally much higher because of communal living, and immunisations are seldom administered.

To date, one of the only ways to detect the disease is through an instigated blood test, but there are no obvious symptoms for cat owners to observe. With the best cat insurance policy in place, you can be assured that your cat will receive appropriate treatment, but experts are united in their opinion that prevention is better than cure.

Signs of Feline AIDS

Cat owners are being warned to look out for variable signs of the disease, such as chronic gum disease, respiratory infections, or chronic diarrhoea which sometimes occur in afflicted felines.

Not all cats will die from this disease. It’s estimated that perhaps one in three will naturally fight feline leukaemia, and go on to live healthy lives, but that stats are against survival.

A pet insurance policy provides our cats with the best possible healthcare, providing a fighting chance against feline leukaemia. However, we recommend a series of preventative measures; and the absolute premium advice we can give you is to quarantine any newcomers before introducing them to your existing dout of cats. All newcomers should be examined by a qualified vet, and on the flip side, if your cat likes to explore the neighbourhood ask your vet about having them vaccinated against feline leukaemia.

Has your cat suffered from feline leukaemia? What preventions have you put in place? Were you aware of the disease? Our readers will really value hearing your opinion on the topic, consider sharing your thoughts in the commentary below.

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