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Family Given A Stark Pet Insurance Reminder

pet insurance buying guideLatest news from a family in Preston has been given a nasty reminder as to the importance of keeping your finances secure by purchasing pet insurance.  Their four month old puppy – a Staffordshire bull terrier-jack Russell cross named Cassie – has been snatched away from their owners.

What’s even more shocking is that Cassie was not taken from the front garden or in a park, but from outside a local shop.  Between the hours of 10.00 and 10.03, the dog’s owner had entered Smart Clothing having tied Cassie outside.  When she returned, the puppy was nowhere to be seen.

Christine Waering, the owner who lives in Curwen Street, Ribbleton stated that ‘You don’t expect a dog to go missing just like that’ adding that ‘One minute we had her and the next minute she was gone.’

There is one upside to the situation. Cassie – who has white paws and a brown brindle coat – has been recently microchipped, which may lead to the police or any local vets being able to eventually re-united her with her family, as the chip contains names and address details for the Waerings.

When asked for their advice on this situation, Thames Valley police simply stated that they strongly advised against leaving animals tied up outside any shops or other buildings, and also against leaving them unattended in vehicles.

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