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Facebook for Pet Lovers

pet loversPet lovers across the nation are exploring the newest online website for pets, dubbed the ‘Facebook for pet lovers’ by its creators. In a blaze of publicity, fronted by TV wildlife expert, Chris Packham, the website is attracting British pet owners to its expert advice articles, and premium competitions.

After completing the free registration at, you’re encouraged to get involved with the community and to share advice, pictures and any other animal miscellany with users around the globe. In return, the editorial team are promising to link to informative articles, offer veterinarian tips, provide an animal product market and detail upcoming animal events in your area.

Founding editor, Rachel Benneworth is excited by the long-awaited launch: “Mypetbook will allow anyone passionate about pets and animals to spend fun and constructive time on the site, sharing their photos and knowledge on every related topic from health to events, and to learn from new friends as well as the experts.”

The website will not discriminate against non-pet owners, encouraging those without a pet to register a wild animal in order to use the site and start learning more about the animal world as a whole.

Mypetbook is aware of its audience, and the passion they hold for animals. Benneworth promises: “All the latest in the animal world, from Tigers in Asia to Vet check-ups for your pets.”

We certainly believe the site has potential, and properly managed the future of is sure to find a place in Britain’s hearts.

Is filling a gap in the online pet market? How will you be using the site?

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