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Dog Owners Are Urged To Not Cut Back On Pet Insurance

pet insuranceWith the current chaos that the British winter weather is bringing to motorists, business and almost everybody else, it should come as little surprise to note that the ice and snow has made it’s way into the news for the pet insurance industry as well.

The latest news from the pet insurance industry is that there may be a risk of owners actually cutting back on insurance policies as a way of combating the current recession.  However, a leading insurer has revealed that choosing not to compare pet insurance could end up being a serious false economy.

Speaking on behalf of NFU Mutual, their Insurance Underwriter Justine Simms-Gold stated that ‘Veterinary treatment continues to be an area of high claims, both in terms of numbers and costs. With that in mind, any money an owner may save by cancelling or failing to renew a policy could prove to be a false economy when compared to the expense of meeting bills for serious conditions or accidents’.

In the pet insurance area, there is usually a fairly significant increase in injuries as a result of dogs slipping on the ice and injuring themselves.  With the average fee for such incidents totaling as much as £2,000, going without a pet insurance policy that could cost as little as £50 seems like a bad move by Britain’s many dog owners.

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