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Dog Breath – Bad for Dog's Health

losing a petThe latest information from experts has highlighted the importance of various ‘human’ care methods that can be used to help care for your pets. One of the most interesting is the latest column from Pete Wedderburn, a respected Vet who has been providing advice on animals for years.

This latest revelation is the importance of brushing your dog’s teeth, and what an impact this can have on the health of your canine companions. As this is predominantly considered a ‘human’ habit, many people will often jump to the conclusion that it isn’t really applicable to animals. However, brushing your dog’s teeth should actually be as natural as your standard puppy vaccinations and other varieties of parasite control.

The reasons are similar to that of why tooth-brushing is important for humans: recent research has shown that the same bacteria that is responsible for tooth decay and gum disease is capable of being released into the bloodstream, where it can potentially lead to blood clots. With animals suffering far more from periodental diseases than humans, the risk in this area is actually far more.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you should break out your own colgate and oral-b electric: any decent pet store will stock a variety of teeth cleaning materials that are specially suited to animals – long handled toothbrushes that improve access to the back recesses of your dogs mouth, as well as swallow-able toothpaste that is ready available in a variety of dog-suited flavours such as chicken and beef (I know, sounds lovely right? Your dog will love them, though).

Another great thing to consider is that across the UK, 100 vet practises are currently offering free dental checkups, as part of September’s ‘Pet Smile Month’.

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