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Do you Need Cat Insurance?

cat insuranceAs summer rolls across the country, cat owners are being warned to watch what their feline friends are nibbling on after a Teeside kitty almost succumbed to a deadly flower. Naysayers are often quick to compare cat insurance to a waste of money, but as Britain blooms, a story emerged about one cat that was more than relieved to be fully-covered by the family’s pet cat insurance policy.

A one-year-old Pixie Bob, affectionately known as Bear was rushed into the emergency room by the Reynolds family in Ingleby Barwick after the moggy stuffed his whiskers into a common lily, one of Britain’s most popular houseplants.

The family were alerted when son Oliver (10) saw the distinctive yellow pollen around Bear’s mouth and told his mother, Michelle: “Oliver said ‘why is Bear’s mouth yellow?’ and I realised it was the pollen. At first I didn’t think much of it, and went back to cooking tea, but something kept nagging away at me.

“I went to look on the internet and found that lilies are poisonous to cats, so got him straight to the vets,” said Michelle.

Bear was administered with vomit-inducing drugs by the Copeland veterinary surgery in Ingleby Barwick, and after a turbulent couple of days he recovered well. Now the Reynolds family are urging fellow cat owners to take caution: “We’re so glad he has got better,” said Michelle. “I just want people to know and be on their guard — we got Bear to the vet early and were lucky, but other cats might not be.”

The informative website, has a full list of plants poisonous to cats. It includes other common plants including the beloved poppy, potato and buttercup varieties.

Derek Copeland has 22 years experience as a vet, and treated Bear. He explains what you should do if your cat is caught with his whiskers in the lilies.

He said: “Lilies are fatally poisonous to cats. Eating any part of the plant makes your pet very ill. It causes kidney failure. First your cat will salivate a lot, then wee a lot before the dehydration sets in. Then it is too late.

“If you think your cat has eaten lilies, get them to a vet as soon as possible, where we can give them a drug which causes them to vomit.

“If we get to them early, they can make a full recovery. After a few hours there can be problems, and after that then there is nothing we can do.

“And the best thing to do, if you own a cat, is not have any lilies in your home, and don’t buy them as gifts for people who have cats.”

We certainly learned something from this shocking experience. Did you know cats are allergic to so many common plant species? What flowers have you got in your home? Share your experience with fellow readers.

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