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Dealing with Losing a Pet

losing a petBritain’s best-loved agony aunt, Denise Robertson has confronted one of pet owners most feared subjects: death of a pet. In a loving show of support, the ITV This Morning stalwart spoke out amid reports that more and more people want to be buried with their pets.

“Pets come into our lives and become part of the family, which makes their death so difficult to accept,” says Denise, a devoted dog lover for over 30 years and owner of rescue dogs Max, Tess and Primmie.

“Having a lasting reminder of a pet can be a huge comfort and a way of keeping good memories alive. In some ways that loving companion is still alongside you every day.” Denise’s comforting words came at the time of release for some emotional findings during a recent survey by the UK’s leading veterinary charity and providers of great value pet insurance, PDSA.

In a remarkably survey, PDSA questioned 472 pet owners and former pet owners about the way they would prefer to immortalise their deceased pets.

Of those surveyed: 27% said they planted a rose bush in the garden usually on their pet’s favourite sleeping spot; 15% displayed a photograph of the animal in pride of place in their home; and 12% said a plaque or headstone bearing a personal inscription was the way they wanted their pet to be remembered.

Others preferred to keep the pet’s ashes in an urn on the hearth or in their pet’s bed. Private family services to commemorate their pets are also popular, although there seems to be no limit to a pet owner’s imagination.

In response to the findings, the PDSA has created a paw-shaped garden where up to 2,000 personalised tribute tags can be displayed in the Paws Forever Pet Tribute Garden in Ilford, London and personal tributes can be viewed on-line via the PDSA website.

Gill White, who manages requests for the Paws Forever Pet Tribute Tags, says the survey revealed the profound feelings people have for their pets: “Losing a pet can be as heartbreaking as losing a friend or relative. It’s no surprise that the way they choose to remember that animal is so special.”

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