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Cat Insurance Hits the iPhone

Every so often here at Simply Pet Insurance, we paws [sic] thinking about cat insurance. Since last month, our Apple iPhone’s have been pussy-tively buzzing with the new CatPaint application from third-party developer Davander Mobile, which allows us boring old pet insurers, to compare funny cat photos.

The latest version of the application is gaining cult status with UK iPhone and iPod Touch users, who are lapping up the £0.59 bargain, and cat-apulting the Apple app up the rankings.

Brian X. Chen reviewed the application for Condé Nast’s award-winning technology website, “There are eight cats you can choose from; a slider bar enlarges or decreases their size, and with a quick shake you can clear the screen and start over. It’s a feline party in your pocket!”

It’s not just cat owners who are taken with the application; some cats are appearing to like the cat-only policy too. A YouTube videos showing cats magnetised by the application has scored nearly 95,000 views, while users of the popular video-sharing website are insuring its longevity, one user claiming: “I don’t have an iPhone yet, but I’m sorely tempted, after viewing this!!!”

How do we think it compares to cheap pet insurance? We think it’s a purr-fect match.

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