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Cat Insurance for Kitten Season?

Britain’s cat owners are being advised to spay or neuter their kittens, before spring warms their sensitive side. Meteorologists are predicting an early spring in Europe, triggering a countrywide warning from animal experts, especially to those considering taking out cat insurance.

The warmer weather of spring is an annual catalyst for our female cats’ breeding season (often referred to as kitten season) according to the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter who point out: “A female cat’s breeding season is determined by the number of hours of daylight.”

Owners who choose to spay their cats while in heat (sexual receptivity) run the risk of complications, sparking veterinary experts to remind owners to spay their pets before their first heat; thus avoiding accidental pregnancy or reproductive diseases later in life.

British cat owners planning to spay their cats while in heat, run the risk of bleeding during surgery and other complications due to engorged vessels and swelling of the reproductive tract tissue.

This has led many in the industry to highlight the value of pet insurance in the UK. The already high cost of cat surgery soars while the animal is in heat (or pregnant) due to the increased risk.

Cat owners are now being advised to spay and neuter their cats in advance of them entering the season, or to keep them indoors and isolated should they show signs of being in season.

Cats in heat — also known as Queens — will show signs of heightened sensitivity, with an increase in affection and agitation.

The premium risk management method employed by UK pet owners against veterinary costs, is dedicated pet insurance and once again the veterinary sector are recommending cat owners insure their pets, and take sensible steps to avoiding unnecessary costs.

Is your cat showing signs of being in heat, or pregnant? What steps have you taken to quell high veterinary costs this summer?

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