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Cat Insurance Basics

cat insurance basicsCats are the nation’s favourite pet but just because they are fluffy, loving and popular doesn’t mean they do not come without their own fair share of problems for which a visit to the vets and a prayer for a decent cat insurance policy is the only option.

Because of their playful nature cats can get themselves into all sorts of bother by getting trapped in small spaces and having to injure themselves to escape, or, more commonly, by getting into trouble on the roads.

And just because they are ‘only cats’ does not mean you get away with smaller vet bills, sadly and many veterinary surgeons say that almost every single visitor they have will underestimate the cost of treatment. Strangely, cat insurance has always been less popular than dog insurance, despite the fact that vet costs are pretty much on par!

The best thing to do is cover yourself and select a specialist pet insurance company that deals specifically in cat insurance policies – and you can find them in our compare pet insurance section.

And our advice, as with all pet insurance policies is to take out a Covered for Life cat insurance policy so you can be sure that no matter what happens, and how long it takes to fix, your insurance company will foot the bill.

If you want to check with your vet to work out what is more cost effective for your cat – taking out an insurance policy at X amount per month or risking having to pay for your treatments these are the most common injuries to cats requiring a visit to the vets:

1. Accidents and injuries (road traffic accidents or fractures)
2. Gastrointestinal/digestive system disorders (vomiting and diarrhoea)
3. Heart disorders (heart murmur of heart failure)
4. Hormone disorders (diabetes or an overactive thyroid)
5. Leg/hip/shoulder disorders (arthritis or hip dislocation)

Another thing to think about is diagnosis costs, as your cat obviously cannot tell the vet what is wrong and so testing is needed simply to discover what is wrong. For this reason alone it is worth thinking about taking out cat insurance as these unseen costs can be higher than you think.

To find the best cat insurance policy for your pet click on the link to our compare pet insurance feature now.

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