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Caring For Your Pets In The Winter

healthy petsWell, it’s that time of the year again: the rain is pouring down and it’s dark by the time we finish work.  In order to ensure that you’re doing all you can in the winter months to take care of your furry friends, we here at simply pet insurance have come up with some hints and tips to help you take care of your pets during the winter:

Keep your pets inside as much as possible during the cold weather.  Yes, they might get a bit restless here and there, but it’s far better for them than damaging their paws on the freezing cold ground.  If they absolutely must go outside, then ensure you remain with them at all times.

Always ensure that they have somewhere nice and warm within the house to keep nice and warm.  Whether it’s a bed insulated with extra blankets (or even hay) or just a nice warm rug near the fire, give your pets every opportunity to warm themselves up.

If you have a cat, be wary of letting them anywhere near cars in the winter.  Felines aren’t at all opposed to curling up against a car engine to keep warm: something that needless to say can be fatal.  Ensure that you’ve checked beneath the car and made a bit of a racket before starting your engine.

Always keep an eye out for frostbite: an affliction that is far more prevalent in animals than it is in humans during winter.  Always keep an eye out for frost crystals forming in your animal’s paws, and take them to the vet if you.

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