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Caring For Your Pet On Halloween

caring for your pet on halloweenThere’s no denying that Halloween can be great fun for people: plenty of chances to drink and party too much!  However, for our pet friends, Halloween can actually be potentially dangerous.  That’s why the experts at simply pet insurance have come up with some tips to help you ensure your pet’s safety this Halloween:

Don’t leave your pet unattended outside.  Because of people playing pranks on animals (especially animals with Halloween links such as black cats) it is dangerous to leave them unprotected.

Whilst you might love those Halloween treats, don’t share them with your pets!  Not only are certain pets incapable of digesting chocolate and sweets, but the sticks and wrappers can lead to a choking hazard.

If you have any pumpkins in the house, keep them well out of reach of your pets, as they can be easily knocked over, and this has the potential to cause a fire hazard as well as injuring your pet.

Yes, a lot of people love being creative, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your pets will enjoy being dressed up.  If you absolutely have to put a costume on your pet, ensure that the get-up doesn’t interfere in the slightest with your pet’s ability to see, breathe, hear, move or bark.

Try and keep your pet in a separate room, away from the door.  This will not only prevent them from getting a nasty fright from some strangely dressed visitors, but will also mean that they are unable to sneak out of the door when it’s opened.

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