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Avoiding Pet-ty Jealousy

Avoiding Pet-ty JealousyIf you’re planning to own more than one animal, then it’s fairly inevitable that at some point or another you may have to deal with your older pet’s jealousy at the newer pet.  Because of this, the experts at Simply Pet Insurance have come up with some hints and tips to help you minimize the green-eyed monster:

Always ensure that you’re still lavishing attention on your original pets.  Pets love to feel loved, so make sure that you give as much attention to the originals as you do to your new pets, otherwise your older ones could feel left out.

Don’t force your pets together.  Always introduce your old and new pets in controlled situations so that they can get used to each other gradually and adjust at their own pace.  When they’re feeling more confident then let them face their new housemates for longer periods.

Keep their feeding places separate.  The feeding area is one of the most territorial amongst animals, and it’s likely that they will begrudge having to share.  Always use separate food and water bowls for different animals, and make sure that whilst eating your pets are kept separate.

Always keep your pets under supervision until you are absolutely sure they get along OK.  The amount of time this takes will vary hugely: it could be anything from a week to two months.  However, never rush this – if two pets who don’t get along are forced to co-exist, things can turn violent.

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