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Average Vet Bill 'Now £598'

We talk a lot here at Simply Pet Insurance about vet bill increases but it seems as if our warnings are being backed up by research from around the pet insurance world with yet another insurer suggesting that average bills are now reaching almost £600 a year!

Data from Saga Pet Insurance reveals that the average annual vet bill is now £598, double that of 2006 and increasing at twice the rate of inflation since 2008.

And even worse is the news that the prices can be even worth if you live in the North of the UK, with vet bills then reaching almost £650 a year on average.

The findings by Simply Pet partner Saga back up similar findings by Sainsbury Pet Insurance, who went on to say that some pet owners are being forced to put their beloved dogs and cats down because of a lack of money to pay for operations.

Andrew Goodsell, chief executive of Saga, said: “As vet bills are vastly surpassing inflation, pet insurance is therefore a vital tool to help owners budget for unforeseen costs of care for their cat or dog that may arise in the future.

“Especially for those aged over 50, whose income is already being squeezed at both ends in the current climate.”

Vet fees were said to be rising by more than 12 per cent every year.

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