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6 Tips on Introducing a New Pet

6 tips on introducing a new petHaving a new pet can be a wonderful and exciting new experience for both you and your family.  However, as with any situation involving our animal friends, it’s important to make sure that you address any potential worries before they occur.  Following the below advice will help to ensure that your new pets get on with your older ones (and with you!):

Supervise any pets until you are CERTAIN they get along. It’s an unfortunate fact that some pets (like some humans) just aren’t destined to be friends.  Make sure that one of them is confined to it’s own room, and only let them interact at times when you can supervise them.

Control the Introduction. The first time the pets meet, it is important to make sure they’re restrained.  Keep dogs on the leash, and operate a no tolerance policy towards aggressive behavior of any kind.  If the introduction is between a cat and a dog, under no circumstances allow the dog to chase the cat, even if it does seem playful.

Don’t hold a cat in your arms when introducing him/her to a dog. If a cat’s nervous at the prospect of being introduced to a dog, then they could lash out – which means you might well get a nasty scratching.

Let your pets get used to their new home. Every now and then, take the time to confine your older pets to one room, so that the new pet can wonder freely throughout the house and become more comfortable with where everything is.

Separate the Food. It’s important when introducing a new pet to feed them in a separate place to your old pets, so as to avoid fights or disputes regarding territory/ownership of the food.  Even if both pets are the same species, still maintain this rule.  Also, if they’re both cats, then providing separate litter boxes will also help avoid this problem.

Give it Time. Introducing newer pets to older ones is not something that should ever be rushed.  Always take as much time as the animals need to get used to each other, otherwise they may end up having some very messy disputes with each other.

As always, enjoy and treasure your new pets, but always ensure that your older ones are also respected, and spend the time making sure that they mix well.  Following the tips above should hopefully lead to all of your pets becoming friends!

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