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‘Keep Animals Indoors on Bonfire Night’

Whilst bonfire night can be great fun for us humans, latest advice has revealed that it probably isn’t quite so fun for our furry little friends.

Speaking on behalf of the Dog’s Trust, their vetinary director Mr Chris Laurence has stated that it is advisable for most domestic animals to be kept indoors on November 4th as opposed to being let out.

Mr Laurence revealed that the loud bangs and excessive light from fireworks could cause our pets some legitimate anguish and fright.

The trust’s advice was to allow your pet to ‘go somewhere where it feels less threatened’, giving the example that ‘a cat might go and sit in it’s double bed’ or ‘a dog would go and lie on it’s own bed.

Whilst many pet owners have noted that it would be possible for a vet to prescribe drugs that would calm pets down, Mr Laurence noted that this should only be used in extreme circumstances, and that pet owners should not automatically use this potential situation as the standard.

This latest advice came hot on the heels of the recent research published by the trust that over 40% of the respondents surveyed would like fireworks banned because they can be so distressing to animals.

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